Stop Signs

I had a question about how stop signs affect fuel economy and tailpipe emissions. It makes you wonder whether many of our stop signs are worth it. Here are my links and answers:

Here is driving smart tips, which mentions how stopping/starting wastes gas


New cars with start/stop technology can save the driver and CO2 emissions up to 4-8%


This article talks about roundabouts, which I know have gotten heat from nay-sayers here in La Crosse…but, it makes a good point for removing stop signs in general: “In one study, replacing a signalized intersection with a roundabout reduced carbon monoxide emissions by 29 percent and nitrous oxide emissions by 21 percent2. In an additional study, replacing traffic signals and stop signs with roundabouts reduced carbon monoxide emissions by 32 percent, nitrous oxide emissions by 34 percent, carbon dioxide emissions by 37 percent, and hydrocarbon emissions by 42 percent3. Likewise, constructing roundabouts in place of traffic signals can reduce fuel consumption by about 30 percent2, 4. At 10 intersections studied in Virginia, this amounted to more than 200,000 gallons of fuel per year5.”


This eco driving one just re-iterates that starting and stopping is bad for the car and the planet


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    George said,

    As someone who’s driven on the East Coast and traveled to the UK, I am a proponent of roundabouts. They work great, keep traffic moving, and in my mind, just make sense. Once you get the hang of them, they’re a breeze to navigate. And, if they’re great for the environment, too, then all the better. They’re all about working together and yielding to one another. That’s something we could all use practice doing, both on the road and off.

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